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VBAC, or Vaginal Birth After Caesarean, is the case where a woman has undergone C-section (Caesarean) delivery previously and hence becomes eligible for Vaginal Delivery.


Some of the conditions where a woman is considered a good candidate for VBAC are:• The size of the pelvis seems enough to allow the baby safely pass through• The pregnancy is progressing in normal fashion and the woman and her baby are healthy• The woman is not suffering from any major medical problems• The candidate has never suffered from uterine rupture• The reason for the woman’s prior C-section is not repeated this time• A doctor is there to monitor the labour and if necessary, do an emergency C-section• The size of the baby is normal• The woman is not suffering from any obstetric or medical problem that would result in the vaginal delivery becoming risky

Pre Procedure

The following are a few of the steps to be taken before the procedure:• The doctor should have the patient’s medical history, which definitely includes the details of the woman’s previous C-section and other uterine procedures.• The patient and her loved ones should learn as much about VBAC as possible, including talking to people who have experienced it before.• The hospital must be one that has the provision for emergency C-section.• The patient’s body should be physically prepared, should be in good physical condition.• The patient should avoid taking drugs for inducing labour, and instead should allow the labour to begin naturally if possible.• The patient should maintain a positive outlook.

During Procedure

• VBAC is just like a normal vaginal delivery, the difference being that in VBAC the mother and the baby are monitored more closely during labour.• Another difference is that in the case of VBAC, prior preparations for an emergency C-section will have been made, in case there is a need.

Post Procedure

In case of a successful VBAC, the following are some of the things the patient might experience after the procedure:• A successful VBAC means more chances of successful VBAC in future• Less pain • Shorter time period of stay in the hospital

Risk And Complications

Amongst the risks and complications are the following:• Failed attempt at labour, which results in unplanned C-section, which in turn is more risky than a planned C-section.• Uterine rupture, leading to oxygen deprivation for the baby and severe blood loss for the mother• Infection in uterus

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