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Breast augmentation (also called augmentation mammoplasty) is a form of plastic surgery performed to change the shape, increase the size and alter the texture of a woman’s breasts. augmentation mammoplasty) Breast enhancement is usually performed with the help of saline implants, silicone gel implants and sometimes fat transfer. The surgery carries a successful track record of satisfying women wanting to regain a perfect shape of their breasts and hence is the most popular and commonly performed aesthetic surgical procedure.


Breast augmentation is usually done when:• You want an attractive or a better proportioned figure• You want to regain symmetry in case your breasts’ sizes are uneven• You want your clothes to fit you better• You want to enhance your confidence or self-image• There is a congenital defect in your breasts or chest wall• Weight loss, pregnancy or ageing has impacted the shape and size of your breasts

Pre Procedure

In order to prepare you for the surgery, the surgeon may ask you to – • Get a blood test done• Quit smoking• Adjust your present medications or take some specific medications• Deter from using aspirin or anti-inflammatory drugs as they can result in bleeding Moreover, your surgeon will also study, photograph and measure your breasts to hold your medical record. In case you’ve sagging breasts, he/she may recommend you breast lift long with breast augmentation. If you’re planning to lose weight then keep your surgeon informed as you may be asked to stabilize your weight till the time surgery is performed.

During Procedure

In breast augmentation surgery, your surgeon may put incisions right under your breast in the crease (inframammary incision), then at the edge of your colored skin surrounding the nipple (periareolar incision) and under your arm (transaxillary incision). Following that, the surgeon will position the breast implant under the pectoralis muscle under your breast (submuscular placement) or under your breast tissue (subglandular placement). Then the surgeon will fill the breast implants with a saltwater solution (saline), sterile or elastic gel (silicone). The incision scars that will appear due to incisions may grow fainter, but will not disappear completely.

Post Procedure

The patient usually can continue with her routine life about 1-2 week after the surgery. However, the healing of the cuts made in the chest muscles may take a considerable amount of time and you will be asked not to exercise or engage in physical activities for 1-2 months. Apart from that, regular exercise of arms is encouraged to ease pain and discomfort.

Risk And Complications

• Infection• Bleeding• Possibility of revisional surgery• Changes in breast sensation or nipple• Faulty or wrong position of the implant• Accumulation of fluid (seroma)• Persisting pain• Skin ageing over the implant

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